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How to begin game with already some armies?
In: BW2 Modding and Scripting
Nov 24, 2:35 am
No replies.
Started by: Neron
are scripts compiled together or by separate .txt files?
In: BW2 Modding and Scripting
Nov 20, 6:43 pm
Reply #3
By: Neron
Saving multiplayer
In: B&W & CI
Nov 8, 6:04 am
Reply #7
By: BlastLord25
Your Creature
In: Creature Cave
Nov 6, 4:05 am
Reply #6
By: BlastLord25
cant upload, no resposes from the admins
In: The Lobby
Nov 6, 3:36 am
Reply #6
By: BlastLord25
Graphics.config problems, any and all help would be great.
In: BW2 Technical Help
Oct 31, 1:55 pm
Reply #17
By: line_bruce
BW2 on Windows 10
In: BW2 Technical Help
Oct 30, 12:44 am
Reply #4
By: FunniestMonkey
1920x1080 and widescreen
In: BW2 General Discussion
Oct 23, 12:32 am
Reply #1
By: Gremxula
B&W CI Player Extrasettings 1.0b
In: BW1 Downloads
Oct 17, 1:37 pm
No replies.
Started by: Kratzean
The early black&white
In: B&W & CI
Oct 9, 10:57 pm
Reply #28
By: Burgald
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xx  Godus on sale in the Humble Store something_or.other
Sep 19, 2014, 12:28 AM

If you've been itching to try Godus but haven't wanted to pay the $19.99 for early access, it's on sale right now for $4.99.

The game is on sale through Monday, September 22 at 1:00pm EDT.

Update: sale has been extended through Wednesday at 1:00pm EDT.

0 Replies :: View Entire Post
xx  Godus released for iOS devices something_or.other
Aug 11, 2014, 06:25 AM

A few days back, Godus launched on the Apple app store.

Unfortunately, it seems to be laden with IAP despite Molyneux's distaste for them.

Has anyone tried it? My old iPod Touch can't run iOS 7, so I'm unable to try it. How does it compare to the PC version? Is it any good?

13 Replies :: View Entire Post
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